7 Million Views on Google Maps

7 Million Views on Google Maps

Michael Weber Google Maps

7 Million Views on Google Maps in less than 7 months. At the 21st of May 2021 Michael Weber started to posting photos and writing reviews on Google Maps. Here You see some Numbers:

Local Guides Level 8, 20.407 Points, Master Reviewer, Master Photographer, Novice Trailblazer, Novice Director.

3685 Contributions, 7 Million Views.

3.625 Photos, 6.8 Million Photo Views.

123 Reviews, 986 Helpful Votes, 123.052 Reviews Views.

30 Videos, 7 Edits, 1 Places Added, 14 Facts Checked, 14 Questions Answered, 2 Published Lists.

Michael Weber on Google Maps

7 Million Views on Google Maps

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