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W3C Validation

Why a W3C Validation?

Validation is a sign of professionalism. As of today, there is little or no certification for Web professionals, and only few universities teach Web technologies, leaving most Web-smiths to learn by themselves, with varied success. Seasoned, able professionals will take pride in creating Web content using semantic and well-formed markup, separation of style and content, etc. Validation can then be used as a quick check to determine whether the code is the clean work of a seasoned HTML author, or quickly hacked-together tag soup.” (The W3C Validation Team)

A W3C Validated Website

An example of a W3C Validated Website i created with a W3C Validation icon to link for proof:

W3V Validated Logo

How to get a W3C Validation

To get a W3C Validation Your Website must have a clean code without errors. Mostly Websites have not a clean code or made with Webdesign tools which are creating a code automatically.

For a W3C validation You have to correct the errors. Maybe You also have to change some parts of Your code wich is not useful or not accepted for a validation.

Is Your Website W3C Validated?

Test if Your Website is W3C Validated. Click the link. Just put Your Domain address into the box and press the “Check” button below.

Do You need a W3C Validation?

I can correct and change Your Website for a W3C Validation if Your company has professional service. Feel free to contact me.



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