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Google My Business

Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business is a must for everyone who is in business. Mostly owners don’t have any idea about how to set up a Google My Business account, to update it & to react to reviews of customers.

Google My Business needs information wich is useful for the visitors same as professional & representative photos of the objects. Further detailed descriptions of services & products in categories and more.

Company name-, owner-, website-, opening times- & many other changings are possible, but mostly not easy to do for the business owners.

There are many ways to be represented in Google. But only one optimized way for Your special kind of business. This needs experience with Google My Business.

I manage Google My Business accounts for small-, middle- & large size companies. So, You can focus on Your services & products.

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T & S Kapsalon

Google My Business Insights

An example for an account i started to manage at the 1st of August 2021

Insights from the 29th of August 2021



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