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Michael Weber

Michael Weber

Michael Weber at Zandvoort Beach

Biography Michael Weber 27th of May to 27th of August 2021

Hi, my name is Michael Weber. Today i am the first 3 months on Google Maps as Local Guide. So here is a little resume.

Michael Weber Numbers

2.1 Million Profile Views, 16.750 Points

Local Guide Level 8

2866 Photos, 2.089.615 Photo Views, 154 Photo Likes

109 Reviews, 53.274 Review Views, 726 Review Likes

Gold Photographer, Gold Reviewer, Bronze Director

Michael Weber Story

At the 27th of May 2021 I decided to upload photos to Google Maps. Because i wanted to share with my very near next photos of places i am travelling. I never could explain with words how a place is looking like. But photos can do it.

So the very first photos i took in Groningen before i started to drive with the bike to Amsterdam. After some days my account was viewed so much, this could not only be from a handful of friends.

I realised later that the places are a point of interest. And the rest is quality and quantity. I begun to upload nearly every place i visited. And focused on Amsterdam, parks, restaurants, coffees, museums and art.

The feedback was very good so I kept on doing. Some days or even one week I uploaded nothing to see what happens with the numbers. I am hust happy about a self waking project in a so short term.

Joy my photos on Google Maps

tags:”Michael Weber”

tags:”Michael Weber”

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